Hints from Heloise: Get a senior a really great gift

Dear Heloise >> I read your column about gifts and wanted to share some ideas I’ve discovered. I will be 90 in November. I live independently, but no longer drive. While the suggestions so far were good, I’ve found that I don’t need many “things” anymore. I muchprefer gift cards. The hair salon is a big one, but grocery and retail stores are also welcome.

I thought of something different this year as well. I drink a high-protein food supplement once or twice a day. They can be expensive, so one of my grandsons has a case of my choice delivered to me once a month. This is a big plus. His brother has also set up a regular delivery of my over-the-counter vitamins and supplements I take. They are all recommended by my doctor.

I’ve found that just an offer to go along to a grocery or retail store when someone else is going is appreciated, but seldom thought of. Just getting out of the house, even to the store, is a huge gift to seniors who can no longer drive! Gifts of yardwork are good, too. I hope this will create some new ideas for gift givers this year. I love your hints and solutions!

— Diane V., Pennsylvania

Dear Heloise >> Insert a straw in your coffee lid to drink while driving, which prevents spillage!

— Donna Nugent and Ronald Morgan, The Villages, Florida

Dear Heloise >> I am a lady union electrician with 40 years in the trade. I felt it necessary to explain a better way to remove a broken light bulb from a lighting fixture. To easily and safely remove a broken lightbulb from a light fixture, use the end of a carrot or potato, cut tofi t the lightbulb base.

Make sure the power is off. I don’t mean to scare anyone, but sometimes even with the power off, there is some current coming back into the light fixture. Push the potato into the broken light bulb and turn it “lefty loosey.” This way, there will be no damage to the light fixture’s base, or to you.

When using a set of pliers, as suggested in one of your recent columns, you might damage the light fixture or get a slight tingle from stray current in the light fixture circuit. Glad to be of help in keeping everyone as safe as possible around electricity in their home.

— Laura Vergeront, Retired Union Electrician, Riverside

Dear Heloise >> I’ve been doing this since we moved into our new smaller home, and I wondered why I didn’t do it before! We no longer have much carpeting, but now a waterproof floor and two small dogs. I vacuum, but realized that it was not enough after laying a powerful flashlight sideways on the floor! Oh, my! Now, I do this every time I vacuum and feel SO much better after, as do my lungs! Hope it helps others!

— Chris Ziegler, Reading, Pennsylvania

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